Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Dance Off Moments...An Alternate Reality

Last night I started dancing spontaneously to music that I wouldn't normally dance to.  And, it was fun.  I could have easily enjoyed a life as a dancer.  Although, if you ask my mother I'm completely uncoordinated.  I don't know about completely uncoordinated, but I'm certainly not trained to do any sort of professional dance.  The point is, I just let the moment take me away. 

Luckily, I have a very understanding husband who will often join me in these moments of delight.  He doesn't laugh at me when I pull out my funky dance moves on him.  He just smiles, and laughs with me as I slide around on the floor in my fuzzy over-sized socks and pajamas.  He has taught me a lot about accepting my goofy nature.  

Do you ever let the moment whisk you away to another place?  Are you ever inspired to do something totally out of the norm? 

I find that doing these simple acts of pleasure give me a sense of exhilaration and joy in my life.   In an otherwise structured and boxed-in society it can be nice to just let loose and let the music carry me to a beautiful alternate reality where I dance, sing and entertain in my own perfect way. 

In this alternate reality I'm also really funny.  Especially when I'm doing the Running Man in my kitchen.  Or perhaps, the Macarena...to keep in shape, of course (see below).

What do you do in your 'Other Universe'?

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Zone

On Sunday I was watched a singer perform a song he had written.

It seems like the previous sentence is pretty normal, right? But the experience wasn’t. Because when I really observed this singer, I noticed that he was in a whole other “place” than where I was. I don’t mean he was in Kalamazoo and I was in Santa Rosa. I mean figuratively, he was “in” his song. He was completely and fully immersed in his version of the world. He radiated joy for what he was doing, time seemed to stand still for him and he savored every note. His eyes were closed, his body was open and he was experiencing his craft to the fullest.

Have you ever felt this before?

Artists have spoken about being in “the zone”. What is “the zone”? And has everyone felt it? The reason I ask this question is because I’ve also heard people say that when they’re in this creative zone it is the closest they have ever felt to God. Now, I don’t know what everyone’s definition of God is, because even within the confines of a single religion it is an extremely personal and unique relationship or experience. So how could I possibly understand what another person’s experience of God truly is? This doesn’t stop me from wondering about our connection to the Divine or Source. Because, knowing that we are always a part of or connected to this Source is a conscious understanding of mine. I get it…we’re connected, all the time.

So why then, does it feel like we are more connected to this Divinity at some times in our lives than in others? When do you feel connected, or in “the zone”? And how can we maintain a level of connection that allows us to flourish as the creative sparks of light that we really are?

Just wondering…

What do you think?