Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sweet Sunday!

Sometimes there’s nothing better than making something delicious and nutritious to share with those I love.  This morning I woke up and had an urge to make something yummy…and this is what came of it. 

 I’m not sure what to call them yet, but they are crispy, gooey, crunchy and tasty!  Rice puffs, nuts, seeds, almond butter and brown rice syrup all mixed together (oh yeah, a touch of vanilla too!).  Kind of like a sticky treat to enjoy with a hot cuppa coffee.  Scrumptious Sunday Sweets…that sounds good to me.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Happy 111 Everyone!

January 11th, 1/11,  I like 111, it’s a great number.  Three ones make 3 which is all about communication and self-expression.  The number 1 is about individuality, determination and independence.  So my questions for the day then, are; How will you express your own creativity today?  How will you stand out as unique and independent, and share with the world your inner gems of perception?  What do you know to be true and how can you communicate it to the world around you?

One way to try this hat on today would be to think about something that you do, say or think that is your very own.  It could be anything from how you enjoy making your cup of coffee in the morning to your ritual for falling asleep at night.  Anything that is uniquely yours.  Think of this thing, and share it with one person today.  If possible, show them in a distinct way that is significant to you. 

In this process of sharing something personal, you will notice a part of you opening up that you may not have been aware of before. Give it a nod and a smile, and realize that no matter what it is that you shared, you shared a part of yourself with the humanity and have connected with others around you in a more personal way.  If needed, rinse and repeat.