Saturday, May 21, 2011

Bliss Bakery in Santa Rosa!

Bliss Bakery - Gluten Free Food For The Masses

There's a new bakery in Santa Rosa, CA called Bliss Bakery.  When I heard about a new gluten free, allergy friendly bakery in town I knew I had to try it.  My husband and I decided to stop by while cruising around town doing errands just on the off chance that this bakery had some delicious vegan treats left at 4:55pm.

We pulled up outside of the small bakery, located in little neighborhood in downtown Santa Rosa. When we parked right in front of the door the first thing we noticed was the sign on the door said ''shut'', which we found quaint and dissapointing.  However, we were in luck!  When we looked inside, a short brunette was motioning for us to come in.  We obliged, of course.

It turned out that she was on her way to Wavy Gravy's birthday party and was very excited to get to the festivities. However, she was as friendly and happy as can be to share her baked goods with us.  We took a look around at the small space which still smelled of delicious sweet and savory treats.  She had just a few items left from the day, most of which were vegan that she was saving in a pink cake box almost as if she were waiting for us to arrive. One special treat in the box was a toffee cupcake which she quickly broke in half for my husband and I to try.  It was delicious! We asked for a few in a box to take with us, with the delicious vanilla icing on top of course.

All of Bliss Bakery's goodies are gluten free, most of the treats are vegan and they serve kombucha on tap. Flying Goat coffee and tea is also served throughout the day to accompany the fantastic food.

Overall, I was very pleased with my experience and I highly recommend.  The staff are very accomodating and seem genuinly happy to share the sweetness.  If you're in Santa Rosa, definitely stop by.

707 . 542 . 6000