Wednesday, February 10, 2010

God’s got a Sixth Sense of Humor.

What does the sixth sense mean to you? 

This morning in the car my hubby was singing this Depeche Mode song and one of the lines is:  I think that God has a sick sense of humor.  Well, it made me think about God having a sixth sense of humor.  And, if it is God…why wouldn’t it be a sixth sense of humor.  I mean, isn’t the sixth sense all about extra sensory perception?  And, isn’t that part of the definition of God?  Limitless, boundless, all knowing and pervasive.  If so, it occurs to me that God might have a sense of humor, and if there were such a sense of humor to be had…I’m SURE it would be extra sensory, perhaps even seventh sensory or eighth!  I wonder what that would be like. 

And of course, if you bring into the equation that we are all a part of this all-knowing force, perhaps it eludes to the notion that we too, have a sixth sense of humor.

I thought it was ponder-ific anyway, and I thought I would share.

Here’s to another beautiful, wonderful day, full of sixth sensory humor!