Sunday, February 15, 2009

Mirrors Mirrors Everywhere

So, I’ve been missing my cats lately. For more than one reason…Because I’m a firm believer that my environment mirrors what is going on in my internal world, I would often watch my cute little kitties doing their daily routines (which you may have heard me mention). I can’t tell you how many times my little kitty Stuart would start sneezing and within a day or two I noticed my immune system suffering. I feel in so many ways that I have forgotten this part of my daily reflection now that I don’t have my pets with me.

So, I was pondering this very thing while I was sitting in my car this afternoon at a stoplight. Today is a rainy day. Not the depressing kind, but the kind that makes you feel refreshed. The kind of rain that feels like a big glass of water after you are on a long hot hike. So, I’m sitting in my car, listening to the rain because I’ve decided to stop listening to the endless radio personalities all predicting the downfall of America. I’m listening to the drops of rain and my windshield wipers and feeling the warmth of the heater on my toes. Suddenly, my car, who I’ve named Bubbles, begins to sputter a little bit. And, at the same time the jeep beside me revs her engine. There’s no place to go, it is a red light…and I start thinking, is this symbolic of my life at all? Am I stopped at a red light while simultaneously sputtering and revving my engine? Am I going nowhere in a quick way? Or am I just chomping at the bit to GO when the signals turns green?

The point of my story is that I truly want to start remembering my environment as a reflection of who I am and what is going on. Not just animals but everything around me. All of it.

And, while I’m at it I may want to add that the people in my life are also a reflection. Uh oh.

Eyes…it’s time to stay open and take it all in.